Cooking Fresh Crabs

cooking fresh crabs

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  • Act so as to spoil

  • (crab) direct (an aircraft) into a crosswind

  • Grumble, typically about something petty

  • pediculosis pubis: infestation of the pubic hair by crab lice

  • (crab) decapod having eyes on short stalks and a broad flattened carapace with a small abdomen folded under the thorax and pincers

Fresh Crab and a Beer at China Camp

Fresh Crab and a Beer at China Camp

'Fresh cooked crab' right off the boat at historic China Camp's "Sea Breeze Deli". What immediately caught my eye about this old crabhouse were the ads for 'Tacoma' and 'Acme' Beer. I knew that Acme Brewery was, for many years, one of San Francisco's favorites. The brewery was erected, right on Sansome Street, almost immediately after the earthquake of 1906 as a branch of Leopold Schmidt's Olympia Brewing Company. The company survived until 1954 when it was sold to the Liebmann Breweries of New York. Bohemian Distribution Co. retained the rights to the brand and the brew continued to be bottled by various contractors to 1990.

Tacoma, Washington was a serious brewing town before Prohibition. The Tacoma Brewery operated from 1888 to 1916 when state Prohibition sobered Washington's burgeoning brewing industry. Two generations later, Tacoma Beer was reborn by the Pacific Brewing & Malting Co. and marketed across the western U.S. and Pacific Rim with the slogan "Best, East or West."

Fresh Crab Goodness

Fresh Crab Goodness

Day 6: Newport - This is our friend from the adjacent photo, a little bit on the orangy cooked side. His misfortune is our fantastic meal, though, one of the best on this trip that saw us eat lots of wonderful meals.

I wish my wife were more in focus, but given the low light and her inability to hold still, this is what we got.


cooking fresh crabs

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