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Canadian Cooking Contests

canadian cooking contests

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Struting in a winter wonder land

Struting in a winter wonder land

new model that im entering in a contest over at scf.

Name: Anya Bolotnyk

Age: 24

Nationality: Canadian

Ethnicity: Ukraine, Swedish

Biography: Anya grew up in Ukraine with her mother and grandmother. They lived the country life where the women stayed home and cooked while the men were out in the field farming. The only difference is that her father died when she was a little girl because of a tractor accident. While most little girls sat on their fathers knee by the fire each night listening to a story Anya never got the chance to do that. Anya moved to Canada on her own at the age of 18 so she could get the chance to get an education and pay for her mothers retirement. Since she missed out on some of her childhood experiences she wants to make the most of her life as an abult by making a career out of modeling.

What makes you stand out: Well my accent is definatly on the top of the list. But I would have to say my charm and class because I grew up in a country where a broom was swung at your behind if you weren't polite to your elders.

canadian cooking contests

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canadian cooking contests

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