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Jeux De Cuisine Cooking Academy

jeux de cuisine cooking academy

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Cooking Lecture: Japanese - ???????? (New Year's Cuisine in Lacquered Box)

Cooking Lecture: Japanese - ???????? (New Year's Cuisine in Lacquered Box)

Today's lecture was on Japanese New Years cuisine, known as ''Shougatsu Ryouri''or sometimes as ''O-Sechi Ryouri''. It is usually eaten over the course of 3-days, so it typically consisted mostly of salted, preserved and pickled foods so as to not go bad. The custom is for the women to prepare it all over the course of several days, then take a vacation completely from the kitchen for 3 days for the New Years. It is traditionally stored in a multi-story lacquered box set, with each set holding different types of foods. All the cuisine served holds some sort of symbolic meaning.

Here is a New Years meal served in a traditional lacquered box.



La cuisine est equipee. Elle dispose de :
3 elements hauts
un coin avec panier
un meuble bas avec tiroir
un meuble bas avec paniers
un meuble d'evier (double portes)
un meuble bas
2 tiroirs plaintes

jeux de cuisine cooking academy

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